Rockford Interfaith Community Garden, Webpage update, June 21, 2023

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted an update, so here it is.

Our six raised beds are doing well with the herbs and vegetables. The herbs and salad greens that were grown from seeds have done well. Some of the herbs did not come up, and some of our gardeners are bringing plants from home to transplant into the gardens. The salad greens are so bountiful that we have transplanted some into our flat plots.

We are seeing tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers and onions growing close to being harvested. These first fruits will be harvested and given to a Food Pantry.

The squashes, beans, peas, corns and potatoes are in process. 

We continue to water, weed and transplant when needed. A few volunteers will be building trellises for the beans in the flat plots soon. 

The Leadership Team with members from the five partner congregations will meet next Wednesday, and they will continue to plan out the next tasks to keep the Garden going well. 

If you wish to help, please know that we continue to need volunteers to water and weed. With the lack of rain, we are watering at least every other day, and if we could, we’d water every day. Anyone who is willing to spend an hour watering the garden can go to this link and sign up: 2023-06-15 through 7-15 Volunteer Schedule.docx   

If this volunteer task would be your first time at the Garden, you will not be there alone! One of the Leadership Team will join you and show you “the ropes.” 

Attached is the latest Flyer, including information on the Potluck. Here it is as a link:!AufWRxwAODezinH9r4s_4Fqotuff?e=CTKy0Z 

Thank you so much!

The Rockford Interfaith Community Garden Leadership Team